Myntra announces Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina as the faces of their platform FWD

Myntra, a prominent fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destination in India, has exciting news to share as they welcome young actors Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina as the newest brand ambassadors for their innovative platform, FWD. FWD is a first-of-its-kind immersive fashion experience specially curated for the Gen-Z audience. In this collaboration, Khushi and Vedang will star in a campaign film, portraying the roles of effortless trendsetters.

Myntra announces Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina as the faces of their platform FWD

Myntra announces Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina as the faces of their platform FWD

Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina are about to make their much-awaited acting debut. With their fashion flair and immense popularity among today’s youth, they perfectly embody the unbridled spirit, lifestyle, and aspirations of Gen-Z. Khushi, known for her quintessential fashionista image, has already made waves with her distinctive personal style. On the other hand, Vedang exudes a versatile and suave fashion sense, staying true to his unique personality. Their exceptional fashion sensibilities perfectly encapsulate the essence of Gen-Z and align seamlessly with Myntra FWD’s fresh, edgy, and on-trend fashion offerings.

By appointing Khushi and Vedang as the faces of FWD, Myntra aims to strengthen its connection with the Zoomers, further solidifying FWD’s position as the go-to destination for the latest trends and fashion experiences.

Speaking of the onboarding of Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina as FWD’s Brand Ambassadors, Vijay Sharma, Senior Director – Marketing said, “With Myntra FWD, we are building the hottest trends destination for the Gen-Z of India. We are thrilled to have the young trendsetters – Khushi Kapoor and  Vedang Raina – as the faces of FWD. Their fresh and bold fashion choices, ‘with-it’ attitude, youthful aesthetic and authentic representation of Gen-Z’s fashion expectations make Khushi and Vedang the perfect ambassadors for FWD.”

Speaking on her association with FWD, Khushi Kapoor, said, “I am super excited to be a part of Myntra FWD and it couldn’t be more fitting as my first-ever brand endorsement. FWD is built on the core principles of freshness, individuality, and trendiness, and these are the tenets that perfectly encapsulate the essence of fashion as I perceive it. Myntra is at the forefront of driving fashion-tech fusion for an immersive shopping experience, and FWD is an extension of that. I look forward to connecting deeper with my fans that share the mutual admiration for all things fashion through this association.”

Adding on, Vedang Raina, said, “Fashion is a relatively simple but a strong way for people to express their true selves. A unique offering like FWD is enabling millions of Zoomers to unlock their personal sense of style, giving them more confidence to be their authentic selves. I am thrilled to join Myntra’s squad of brand ambassadors and look forward to a stellar association where individuality is celebrated.”

Solving for the inspiration, discoverability, and access to emerging global fashion trends, FWD features some of the most popular brands on the platform, including H&M, Trendyol, bebe, Tokyo Talkies, Sassafras, Hersheinbox, Street 9, Athena, Bonkers Corner, Freakins and Boohoo, among others. FWD simplifies a user’s shopping journey from trend-spotting to purchase, while also having a large influencer army to create relatable, stylish and inspirational content, for the digitally-savvy zoomers.

Making up 52% of the country’s population, the Gen-Z and Millennials have emerged as one of the largest consumer groups in India. Characterized by distinct traits, the cohort has also amassed considerable purchasing power and a strong digital footprint, making it crucial for brands to cater to their demands. Relatable faces like Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina and pioneering offerings like FWD will enable Myntra to tap into this cohort and solve for their needs.

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